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The first ever LG 4K UHD projector, as part of the ‘HU80K series’, debuts at CES 2018 amazing onlookers with its stunning image quality and compact yet beautiful design. The home projector can deliver a 4K picture quality display as large as a 150-inch screen with 2,500 lumens. This ultra-sharp video creates an unrivalled personal cinematic experience, which is further enhanced with two inbuilt powerful yet clear 7W speakers.

"At this year’s CES event, we are excited to bring value to consumers with our first 4K UHD projector, which delivers the highest resolution we’ve ever offered in a compact size," said chang Ik-Hwan, head of LG's IT business division. "LG's 4K UHD projector will lead the way in changing how consumers view 4K content in any room in the home, wherever there’s an audience." Already supporting this, the design has received the CES best of innovation award before its public debut.

Cinema lovers and TV fanatics can assemble the projector almost anywhere thanks to its convenient, compact design. While not sacrificing image quality, the premium device is actually half the size of competing 4K projectors, which, as well as its carrying handle, makes it an easily portable package. furthermore, its unique upright position is made possible by the mirrorless I-shaped engine that works whether on the floor, mounted, or hanging from the ceiling.

Almost as versatile as the product itself, the LG 4K UHD projector supports playing both digital and traditional media. With the webOS 3.5 smart TV interface, users can connect the device with streaming services, whilst standards ports for USB, Ethernet and HDMI allow further video, image and gaming pictures to be projected on to flat surfaces.

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