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With modern science at our disposal, there are still many common myths that are embedded into many people that are taken as fact.

Here are the most common myths we have all heard of before but are completely false!

  1. Peeing On A Jellyfish Sting
    Pee might even make the stinging sensation worse, rather use vinegar to ease the pain and let a doctor do the rest.

  2. Don't Go Outside With Wet Hair Or You'll Catch A Cold
    Being cold doesn't mean you'll catch a cold. Colds are caused by viruses, transmitted through the air or infected surfaces that you've touched before touching your eyes or mouth.

  3. A Coin Dropped Off A Skyscraper Can Kill Someone Below
    Thankfully, coins are not aerodynamic at all, so they have a hard time picking up deadly speeds. Although it might hurt, a coin falling on your head after being dropped from the top of a skyscraper won't kill you.

  4. Wait 30 Minutes Before Swimming After Eating
    Although it is true that your body sends more blood to your digestive system after eating, it is not even close to enough to prevent your limbs from working optimally. Although, in rare cases, you might experience minor cramping.

  5. Chameleons Change Colour To Camouflage
    Although chameleons do change colour, it's got nothing to do with blending into their environment – they change colour in order to regulate their body temperature. They change darker in colour to absorb more sunlight and, when they are cool enough, they change to a lighter colour. Chameleons might change colour for social and mating purposes as well.

  6. Goldfish Have A Three-Second Memory
    This myth has been debunked time and time again. Goldfish have proven to associate sounds, colours and even gestures with feeding time. Even after several months, the memory still proved to be present.

  7. Porcupines Shoot Their Quills
    Arguably the most mind-blowing myth in this list: Porcupines can't shoot their quills into their victims. Rather, if a victim comes into contact with the quill, the porcupine can easily release them. Thanks to each quill having over 700 microscopic razor-like barbs on them, they stay embedded into their victims and, without medical help, the wound could become seriously infected.

  8. Humans Swallow 8-10 Spiders A Year While Sleeping
    Relieved, are you? Although it is possible to swallow a spider while sleeping, it is highly unlikely as spiders have no interest in humans, and are attracted to small vibrations. While we sleep, regardless if you are snoring or not, our bodies send vibrations over a distance that spiders detect as a very large subject and avoid us. Even if a spider, for whatever reason, creeps up on your neck or cheek, you are most likely to wipe it away or wake up.

  9. You Must Wait At Least 24 Hours Before Filing A Missing Persons Report
    There is no time waiting period before filing a missing person report. As a matter of fact, the sooner you file a report, the higher the chances of finding the missing person is.

  10. US Undercover Cops Have To Disclose They Are Undercover If You Ask
    This will render their job completely useless, and are under no obligation whatsoever to disclose they are undercover to you.

  11. The Five-Second Rule
    Dropping your food on the floor and then picking it up within five seconds, will prevent any germs from getting on your food. However, the moment your food comes into contact with the floor, it immediately gets bacteria on it, but it's such a small amount that your immune system will have no problem. However, there are too many variables to determine whether or not the food will be safe to eat, as it depends on the cleanliness of the floor surface, the type of food, the time the food was exposed to the floor and many other factors as well.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, The Infographics Show, on Common Myths That Are Still Believed to be Facts.

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