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Old-school computer mouses are notorious for causing strain and pain after extended periods of use. Now, take everything you know about the computer mouse, crumple it up, set it on fire and toss it out the window. Introducing the Cone.

This twist on the design is a whole lot more aesthetically appealing if not entirely more ergonomic than the traditional mouse. Designed by Inyeop Baek, the mouse features a geometric design that is conically shaped to help put the hand and arm in a natural position as you work.

Its upright, pointed form is a total wrist saver. It instantaneously positions your hand, arm, and fingers in a natural position that reduces strain on the metatarsals and upper hand by allowing a portion of the weight to be distributed across the conical surface.

The buttons are articulated in such a way that the fingers can curl naturally and click with ease. Better yet, the all-new design is interchangeable for users with both right and left dominant hands. The primary clicker has a ling surface area; its scroller rests comfortably beneath the thumb, every design decision of this 'vertical mouse' was made in order to provide a comfortable experience.

The Cone mouse identifies how style and function can be merged together to create a piece of technology that acknowledges consumer preferences for ergonomics to ensure optimal health.

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