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Windows 11 has finally been released to the world and if you're using Windows 10 you should get a notification that allows you to upgrade to the latest offering from Microsoft. Once installed, you should be presented with an entirely noo user interface that features different looking icons, windows, layouts, wallpapers and even sounds!

But if you're an avid Windows user, you'd probably struggle with a few minor things right at the beginning of using Windows 11 as the Start menu has completely changed once again, the taskbar icons are not at the bottom life where they have been for decades already, but now have moved to the bottom centre of your screen, similarly to that of Apple. Lastly, you will also notice that when you right-click, common tasks such as Copy, Cut and Paste have been replaced with icons and are not in text form anymore.

But here are some create settings that you might want to consider changing up when moving to Windows 11 in order to keep your workflow as familiar and similar to that of Windows 10.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on Change These Windows 11 Settings...

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