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Anti-gravity has been a desired achievement in modern science, but could it be possible?

We have all seen some form of science fiction movie, whether it be Star Wars or Independence Day, that feature anti-gravity technology, from spaceships and UFOs to space suits and even boots.

Anti-gravity is scientifically defined as a form of gravity repelling force that does not rely on any form of thrust or electro-magnetism,  and right up to today, no such technology has been found or invented.

Before scientists can possibly invent anti-gravity technology, they have to fully understand what gravity is in the first place, which, to our surprise, we know very little about. How is it possible that something as familiar as gravity is still so mysterious? Isaac Newton never discovered gravity, nor did he state what gravity was. Rather, he figured out the mathematical equations to prove the effects of gravity. It wasn't until the beginning of the 20th century, when Albert Einstein put forward his General Theory of Relativity, that the world got a completely different and deeper understanding of gravity and its effects. He stated that the universe is not empty, but rather consists of space and time, which he calls spacetime, which can be manipulated, stretched and distorted by the mass of an object. Much like a static bowling ball on a trampoline; any other object will fall towards the centre caused by the bowling ball, that is exactly the same principle as gravity.

However, like Isaac Newton, the General Theory of Relativity explains a deeper understanding of how gravity works, but not exactly what it is.

In more recent years, theoretical physicists have taken a different approach to solving the gravity puzzle, not in the mammoth cosmological sense, but rather in the quantum physics world. They stated that forces such as electromagnetism, strong forces and weak forces, work with particles such as quarks, gluons, photons and electrons. So, based on the findings of force particles, there has to be a particle for gravity as well, which they named gravitons, although they still have not been observed.

So, if force particles can be both negatively and positively charged, which results in either repulsion or attraction, the gravitation should result in gravity or anti-gravity. But, until science finally observes a graviton, anti-gravity will still remain only in science fiction.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Curious Droid, on, Is Anti-Gravity Possible?

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