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Now that the NES Classic Edition has been discontinued by Nintendo, it is more expensive to find one and also difficult to come across. This has led to some frustrating issues, some of the NES Classic Edition consoles up for sale are actually knockoffs...

Users over at the NeoGAF gaming forum were the first to come across these fake NES Classic Edition consoles, as one user spotted a good deal on an NES Classic from a Chinese e-tailer AliExpress. The listing was quickly removed, but within hours users began discovering similar listings on eBay. The fake NES Classic Edition consoles look fairly close to the real thing, but like every fake device, there are some telltale signs you should look out for. 

First of all the visual appearance of the console is off, the real NES Classic Edition is light grey on the top and dark grey on the bottom, but this fake console looks almost tan or yellow on top. If the colour is off you should immediately see it as a red flag, additionally, the Nintendo logo looks slightly skewed and the numbers sitting over the controller ports are too far apart from one another. If you look at the image of the controller you will see ridges around the A and B button, those do not exist on the standard NES Classic Edition controller - nor on the old NES controllers. If sellers took pictures of the console that they are trying to sell, these are some of the signs to look out for, all in all just be careful when shopping online. The original NES Classic Edition consoles are selling for upwards of $200, so there are plenty of scammers out there looking to use this as an opportunity to make some quick cash. 


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