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There are many ways to build an antenna for your WI-FI network. In the following video, which can be viewed below, you will be able to see three great ways to build a WI-FI antenna, in a simple, yet cheap way.

DIY solutions to extend your WI-FI range have existed for as long as WI-FI itself has. While there are many ways you can fine-tune your home WI-FI system without building additional hardware, there are simple DIY solutions that can also make a real difference to your surfing experience.

In the video above, YouTuber, Kreosan, will show you how you can make a very powerful WI-FI gun with their hands. To assemble this homemade antenna you need a piece of sheet metal (copper, aluminium, zinc etc.) thread diameter 6mm, 14 screws and a connector for connecting the WI-FI adapter.

Ingenious internet users have been using everything from kitchen foil and food strainers to homemade Yagi style antennas to give their WI-FI a signal boost. This WI-FI antenna could extend the range of your WI-FI network up to 9km and makes your wireless experience stronger.

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