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Who has got the time to correctly eject USB drives, and do you really have to anyway?

Probably around 90% of PC users never correctly eject the USB drive before just yanking it out of the computer. But, technically speaking, it is best to click on that "safely remove storage drive" button before just pulling it out. This, essentially, tells the computer that the user is ready to physically disconnect the USB drive and that the operating system needs to finish up all operations with that drive, to systematically disconnect and stop all operations with that USB immediately.

But, what if you were to just pull it out without safely ejecting the drive first? Well, usually, nothing bad happens as the typical user waits for the data to be copied over or off the USB drive first before doing so. However, if you were to pull the drive out during the data transfer process, then you risk that data, or worse, the USB drive itself from being corrupted requiring a complete USB drive format that permanently erases all data on that drive.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Do You Really Need To Eject USB Drives?

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