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Let us solve this question once and for all: Does more RAM actually make your PC that much faster?

For the last couple of decades, the standard assumption was that if your PC is running slowly all of a sudden, you will need to invest in more RAM and that will be the solution to all of your problems! But is all that actually true?

Well, it depends on quite a number of things.

The short answer is, yes, if you install more RAM it will speed up the processing and multitasking of your computer, with around 8GB of ram being more than sufficient for day-to-day PC work.

But it depends on what you're actually using your PC for. If you are a designer and make use of programs such as Adobe Photoshop, then your PC will, of course, need RAM, but not excessively. But, if you find yourself doing more video editing, whereby you are referencing hundreds of files at the same time in realtime, then you'll most definitely want to install more RAM. The same goes for gamers who want to play CPU-thirsty high frame-rate games.

But PC speed is not only linked to RAM, you also have to take into consideration what type of hard drive you are using, whether it's a spinning drive or a solid-state, and what CPU you have as well.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on Does More RAM Make Your PC Faster? (2020).

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