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An AI (artificial intelligence) research firm, OpenAI, created a team of AI bots designed to jam some Dota 2 and then said bots were put up against a group of semi-professional Dota players.

OpenAI is funded by Elon Musk, and the team of bots which goes by the name of OpenAI Five took on players ranked in the 99.95th percentile of the world. The team got beaten by 2-1 in a set of three games. The human players included former Dota 2 professionals and casters Merlini, Fogged, Cap and Blitz.

After winning the first two games without breaking out the cooling system, OpenAI let the audience pick five human players to compete in a sudden death match, in which the AI bots lost.

The Dota 2-playing artificial intelligence isn’t the type to be contained by a single desktop PC. The AI team consists of five neural networks that train using 128,000 CPUs at once, playing 180 years’ worth of matches against themselves every day.

Through this reinforcement learning, the networks then learn to cooperate with each other, build a form of 'team spirit' and take down in-game opponents. OpenAI has also been tweaking the neural networks, altering the bot team's in-game reaction time to near-human levels, and helping it learn additional strategies.

With that sort of commitment and teamwork, actual humans would be able to achieve literally anything. OpenAI Five will compete against the best pro team at The International; the largest annual Dota tournament in the world if everything goes according to plan.

Elon Musk congratulated the (robot) team on its victories and mentions possible human/AI symbiosis using the neural interface being created to train OpenAI Five, something he’s been keen on for some time now.

For someone who is afraid of the robot uprising, Mr Musk really needs to invest in less AI.

Watch OpenAI Five dominate Team Human in the video below.

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