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Coming soon: Coca-Cola bottles with electronic parts.

You might think that the Coca-Cola bottle has been perfected for what it is, with the most effective shape, size and ease of use that will also satisfy Coca-Cola's marketing requirement... but you'd be wrong, it was missing just one thing, and that is electronics.

What could possibly be the purpose of having a Coca-Cola bottle with electronics?

Well, it turns out that it already exists, and Coca-Cola have limited edition Star Wars themed Coca-Cola bottles with an electronic function in them. Coca-Cola added a clever OLED (organic light-emitting diode) electronic film in their wrapping around these limited edition Star Wars Coca-Cola bottles that illuminates a part of the packaging. In this case, the light sabres light up red or blue if the bottle is gently squeezed, which gives the limited Coca-Cola bottle a huge wow-factor!

It might be complete overkill to add electronic OLED displays on Coca-Cola bottles, but from a business point of view, if the cost is very low in relation to the sales it will convert in return, it might just work wonders for the company.

Furthermore, there might be practical uses for the electronic OLED display, one example would be that people can now identify their choice of beverage in a darkened environment just by simply squeezing the bottle.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, on the World's First Electronic Coke Bottle!

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