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Adobe Premiere Pro is arguably the best and most popular video exiting program available and is relatively simple to use when starting out and offers in-depth tools and features for those wanting to get creative with their video editing post-production projects and skills.

When starting off in Premiere Pro, you can get by just fine without making use of many tools in the toolbar, unlike Adobe Photoshop. However, the tools in the Premiere Pro Toolbar are incredibly useful and should not be discarded. Taking the time to learn these tools will drastically speed up your workflow and improve your editing accuracy.

  1. Selection Tool - Select clips and assets in the timeline
  2. Track Select Tools - Select all clips after point of click or before.
  3. Ripple Edit Tool - Shorten a clip and have the new time automatically align with the adjacent clip and eliminate all gaps.
  4. Rolling Edit Tool - Between a cut, extend the length of one clip while shortening the other without interfering with any other cut in the timeline.
  5. Rate Stretch Tool - Shorten or extend the clip without cutting any frames (Slow it down or speed it up).
  6. Razor Tool - Making cuts
  7. Slip And Slide Tools - Perfecting start and end frames of a cut and clip.
  8. Pen Tool - Making and modifying keyframes.
  9. Hand Tool - Moving around on the timeline
  10. Type Tool - Create Text

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Premiere Basics on Every Tool In The Toolbar Explained (Premiere Pro Tutorial)...

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