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Scientists can bring back extinct animals, but why, how and when will they do so?

The scientific resurrection of prehistoric extinct animals has been a fantasy of millions of people over the years, but just how possible is it? It's more possible than you might think! But what consequences will that bring to human civilisation?

What you might not know already, is that the cloning of animals has been successfully done in the past before. The cloning of a species that went extinct in recent years was performed from their DNA and brought back to life, however, it died soon after but the experiment was considered a success.

This kind of makes you think of the Jurassic Park movies, with the possibility of cloning the prehistoric DNA of fossilised extinct animals. But, on a scientific level, the main problem is finding usable DNA to clone from, which still has not been found. In the Jurassic Park movie, they got the prehistoric dinosaur DNA from a mosquito trapped in tree sap for millions of years; the likelihood of finding a perfectly preserved prehistoric DNA is not impossible, but incredibly slim.

The next question is not a matter of if scientists can bring back extinct animals but more a question of what do we do with them after they have been cloned? It poses both ethical and logical questions too, such as what is it going to eat? What is it's function? Where do we put it, and does anybody own it? So it is not necessarily a question if whether we can resurrect extinct animals, but rather a question of if we should.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel TheRichest on Terrifying animals Scientists Are About To Bring Back.

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