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YouTubers are now free to use profanity (within reason) without the risk of getting their content flagged for demonetisation.

YouTube is now expanding their restriction policies for profanity and potentially sensitive content.

According to an elaborated breakdown of YouTube's new policies, content creators are now allowed to use words such as s**t and b**ch within the first 30 seconds of their video's, as well as infrequent, stronger profanity and censored profanity, such as the F-word and the C-word later on in the video.

In addition to a lighter profanity policy, YouTube has also allowed for monetisation of content created around recreational drug usage and drug-related content, but only in a documentary and or news style.

These new policies have been put in place to allow for more freedom of speech, self-expression and creativity. However, there are still strict measures in place around what content one can not monetise, such as adult content, harmful and or dangerous acts as well as firearms-related content.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on YouTubers Are Now Allowed To Swear...

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