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If you're serious about gaming, you'll want to invest in the very best hardware that ties in with your budget and that will include anything from the monitor, motherboard, CPU, RAM, graphics card, gaming mouse and keyboard and probably a tone more accessories here and there, but usually, the headset is last on the list of priority to a lot of people and audio is sometimes vital in giving you the best gaming experience!

But usually, when you're in the market for audio, you have to take into consideration free-standing speakers which are sometimes more attractive to the buyers than a gaming headset as they are usually thought of being used more, but that time will come where you have to resort to some sort of headphones.

Usually, you have 2 options, one being a gaming headset and the other being a set of headphones.

But which one is better for audio quality exactly?

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Tech Quickie on Gaming Headsets vs Headphones As Fast As Possible...

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