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Once again, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has announced another funky merchandise project from his Boring Company. Musk announced the company will sell "lifesize LEGO-like interlocking bricks" made from rocks.

Taking to Twitter, Musk revealed that the new LEGO bricks, taken from carved underground tunnels, will allow customers to "create sculptures and buildings" – which just sounds like giant LEGO building-blocks for adults. Musk also revealed that the first themed kit will feature pieces based on Ancient Egypt.


It is unclear when these bricks will be available or how much they will cost. The Boring Company is currently only digging short, preliminary tunnels in California and Maryland. But the small company has big plans for tunnels around the country meant to facilitate debatably futuristic modes of transportation, so there will be plenty of newly removed earth if even half of those ever become a reality.

Musk actually used the term “LEGO-like” when describing the building blocks idea on Twitter, which has me wondering if the notoriously litigious Danish toymaker is paying attention (especially because LEGO recently announced its own environmentally friendly bricks).

The newest project is a modular interlocking of stone bricks for artistic or building purposes, perhaps designed just to make the world a little less boring. These LEGO-like bricks are said to be constructed of the stone retrieved from another one of Musk's projects, an excavated tunnel.

Stay posted for more details.

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