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Let's put it this way, to a majority of humans out there, having a hangover on a Saturday is the worst, and the biggest problem you have is 'who is going to make breakfast?'

Well, YouTuber 'The Brick Wall' might have the ultimate breakfast machine just for you. By making working tractors, Zambonis, submarines and rumbas out of LEGO, however, he claims that his latest LEGO breakfast machine was the most challenging modification so far.

The device is comprised of two eggcelent parts: a picker for picking and a cracker for cracking. In order to create these working, moving machines, The Brick Wall used 10 LEGO PF motors, 1 BuWizz brick, 2Sbrick pluses, and 1 LEGO IR receiver.

The process seems agonizingly slow, but you have to hand it to the LEGO egg cracker for not getting a single shard of shell in the pan.

We cannot even begin to imagine the trial and error that went into building this impressive machine, but the end result is a system that does a pretty good job of handling an order of bacon and eggs.

The LEGO breakfast machine can effortlessly crack an egg, apply salt and pepper, and it uses a built-in spatula to place the food on the plate. It is not particularly speedy, but it's pretty good at what it does.

Have a look for yourself, maybe you will save your hangover-self a whole lot of effort.

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