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Google is laying down an incredible subsea fibre internet cable, named after Henry Dunant.

Google is currently in the middle of an insanely huge internet project yet again! This time, it's not another mobile app, operating system or an ingenious way to collect our personal data, but rather something physical that lies at the bottom of the sea!

Google is laying down one of the world's largest fibre optic internet subsea cables that runs from America to Europe. The subsea cable is named after Nobel peace prize winner and founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant.

The subsea fibre cable project started back in 2018, will stretch over 4,000 miles, and carry an insane capacity of over 250 terabits per second of internet data! To put that into perspective, it's the equivalent of carrying a digitised version of the entire Library Of Congress every three seconds!

The whole point of the operation is to spread out the workload and limitations thereof of existing subsea cables. It will prove highly beneficial to users on the receiving end, with a constant increase for high-speed internet demands.

Fun fact: The first subsea cable was laid down in 1850. This was by no means for internet access, but rather used as an experiment for transmitting telegram signals.

Take a look at the YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Google's Amazing New Fibre Internet Cable Named After Henry Dunant.

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