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Take a look at this review of the 360-degree view GoPro Max camera.

GoPro has taken advantage of the 360-degree view camera market to expand on its products, and the footage is incredible, to say the least! 360-degree view cameras have been around for quite a few years now already, but the ones that are in reach in terms of cost are usually a bit of a letdown. They require third party specialized software to complete the footage and images into their final product. The ones that do work are so expensive that they are, quite frankly, out of reach for the enthusiast filmmaker.

But that all has changed with GoPro's 360 camera release with the GoPro Max.

The GoPro Max has dual cameras which, when combined, produce a stunning 5.7K resolution image and supports 4992 x 2496 360-degree Video. The GoPro Max has a new feature called PowerPano 360° Photo Mode which allows you to create instant stunningly beautiful panoramas.
The GoPro Max also has a backwards-facing screen that allows the user to vlog while keeping an eye on their frame composition. The GoPro Max also has in-camera image stabilization and is waterproof up to 16 metres.

Take a look at the GoPro Max review below by YouTube channel, The Verge, on GoPro Max review: the most accessible 360 camera.

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