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Grand Theft Auto V with an 8K real life-like graphics hack looks incredible.

Grand Theft Auto V has been the latest GTA game for 8 years now, which has officially broken the record of the longest interval between a Grand Theft Auto game being launched, and people are getting rather anxious for a new addition, possibly a Grand Theft Auto VI.

But, the main reason why it has taken so long to release a new game is quite likely because of two reasons; one being that the new Grand Theft Auto games are so intricate, large and detailed that production and development time is drastically increased. The other reason is perhaps that they released the online gameplay feature which is constantly updated anyway, so what's the rush?

Regardless of all that, some highly talented individuals got their techy fingers working on "modding" Grand Theft Auto V to drastically improve its already great graphics and detail, taking the game to a completely new level, as well as increasing the gameplay resolution to support 8K graphics.

In addition, these "modders" seem to really have good taste in cars as they have added some incredible supercars, each with spectacular detail in their own right.

Take a look at the video below by YouTuber, DubStepZz, titled Evolved 8K Resolution ULTIMATE GTA V Graphics.

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