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Do you miss the dope soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? No worries, we got you covered, here is the full complete track of Radio Los Santos.

Those of you who were avid gamers back in the early 2000s would, without a doubt, agree that Grand Theft Auto was one of the best games around at the time. The game was so in depth and realistic that you could go about hijacking yourself a new ride, and when you're driving to another city you have the choice of changing the radio station to suit your preference! This trend has been around for some time before Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, and has continued right through to the current latest game in the series, GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was based in the early 90s and had a ghetto gangster vibe to it, so rap and hip-hop were a popular choice amongst the culture, and transitioned into local radio stations which were mimicked in the game.

To relive those memories of late night gaming for hours on end, here is the full complete soundtrack of Radio Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, uploaded by the YouTube channel, Vinewoodian.

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