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The new Hachi Infinite M1 projector will turn any surface into a functional touchscreen.

The Hachi Infinite M1 is without a doubt a useful and impressive device, however, its technology is nothing new. Interactive projector screens have been around for over a decade already, especially with keyboards. But what makes the Hachi Infinite M1 so impressive is that it does a lot more than just your regular old Qwerty keyboard.

The Hachi Infinite M1 functions much like a tablet without a screen. It uses Andriod as its operating system and its as simple as placing it down on an even surface, turning it on and getting to work.

Furthermore, as the Hachi Infinite M1 is simply a projector, what makes it more portable is that it also has a built-in battery, which will give you portable power for a couple of hours before having to plug it into a wall socket.

But why would there be a market for such a device when tablets are already a largely popular option? Well the Hachi Infinite M1 has a fantastic ability to recognise objects other than your hands and fingers, which also become interactive within the user interface, and this will open a whole new market for third-party applications and software.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, on the Hachi Infinite M1.

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