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A professor from Harvard, specialising in astronomy, believes that the mysterious and rather odd-shaped asteroid studied in 2017 is alien technology.

A professor in the department of astronomy at Harvard, named Avi Loeb, believes that the first evidence of alien technology won't necessarily be a UFO of sorts, but rather technological waste floating around in space.

On September the 6th of 2017, the first known recorded interstellar object to enter our solar system was documented. A few days later, the object called Oumuamua made its closest approach to the Sun, then past the Earth a month later at a colossal speed of 58,900 mph. But what caught professor Avi Loeb's attention was not the fact that it was an interstellar object. Rather, the fact that it came from the direction of Vega (which is a star about 25 lightyears away, relatively close by in the cosmic scale). Not only that, but it's peculiar shape – long and cigar-shaped – like no other naturally formed asteroid has been known to have taken, as well as its reflectiveness, about ten times brighter than other asteroids, lead him to the conclusion that it was tampered with.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later Clips, on Experts Believe Bizarre Space Object Is Alien Technology.

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