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Between cyberpunk, cosplay and DIY, there are some impressive creations of Hiroto Ikeuchi. Ikeuchi is a Japanese modeller, designer and artist, that creates perfect cyberpunk fashion pieces. Tiny plastic model buttons, real circuit boards: they are wearable vintage throwbacks to a not-so-recent, far-less minimal past. Even though they look annoying, these cyberpunk fashion pieces work as well.

These handcrafted futuristic objects and accessories feature Ikeuchi's incredible talent. He is heavily inspired by science-fiction and manga like Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Macross or Appleseed.

Hiroto Ikeuchi recycles electronic gadgets, cameras, or smartphones into complex and beautiful high-tech objects. These devices include VR glasses and features his boundless creative imagination, but also the technical expertise necessary to build these kinds of works.

Like video gaming, model kit building demands tactile skills and, just as with other kinds of media in Japan, there is a lot of pop-cultural crossovers. So modellers and gamers totally have a considerable degree of overlap.

Most of the antennas and dials are for aesthetic purposes only, but the oversized headsets are more than just a hodgepodge of parts. Go to the online store that Hiroto Ikeuchi runs; the items for sale – mostly headphones and respirators at the moment – are fully functional and extremely couture. His newest cyborg mask is a warm, earmuff-meets-respirator – perfect for that cosplay event, or the ever-impending apocalypse.

Constructing these elaborate face masks and painting them is something that really needs skill, with many of the very best modellers in Japan showcasing nothing short of superhuman abilities it seems. Be sure to indulge in the gallery to see the full specs of these cyberpunk-inspired masks.

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