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A Norwegian company, reTyre, has found an easier way to change the bike tyre, to account for shifting weather and winter conditions.

Following two years of studious development and testing, they have finally launched a smart way to quickly revive the thread on your bike involving a set of rubber 'skins' that can be zippered on over top of your tyres.

The interchangeable treads can be installed or even removed within seconds, and sit firmly attached even at high speeds or sharp corners. The reTyre One system requires two basic parts to function, a full base tyre with integrated sidewall zippers that mounts on to a standard rim, and at least one reTyre skin.

Using a zipper and slider mechanism, reTyre lets you instantly swap out your tyre treads to match your terrain in less than 60 seconds, giving any bicycle the versatility to work in different conditions. Made from 90% natural rubber, there are a total of three skins featuring different types of tread. They include an all-terrain model, a carbide-studded model for winter riding, and one with a wide tread pattern for rough terrain like riding in the woods or for those downhill enthusiasts.

There are plans for skins with embedded LEDs and electronics that communicate with the rider's smartphone. Designers at reTyre also mention developing future models made from special materials such as coconut fibres and 100% recyclable rubber. The tyre and skins are available in 26", 27.5", 28" and 29" versions with the option of different colours to match the body of the bike.

The base of reTyre starts from $36 for the wire bead version and $70 for the lighter folding base tyre. Skins vary in price depending on what options you need but the current all-terrain skin sells for $50, and the studded urban winter skin for $70. The system is available in selected European countries, with a roll-out to the rest of Europe and North America planned for next year.

A Kickstarter campaign is also live for those interested in keeping up to date with the project.

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