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Here are some crazy Hollywood movie special effects you will have trouble trying to unsee.

Movie magic special effects have been around a lot longer than you might think. The primary function of video is to communicate a series of events, these are told in a logical order and the directors and filmmakers decide how the viewers will understand the story or events. The processes, camera movement, special effects and editing all aim towards one function: to carry to the story forward.

The most popular special effect is the colour/chroma key, more commonly known as the green screen. The green screen process has been around and used since the 1940s and is still used widely in modern digital filmmaking today. The green screen allows the editor to mask out a certain colour and then leave that space as transparent, which in return, allows the editor to render a different background into the composition.

But why is the green screen green? Green is used for the green screen keying process because that shade of green is rarely intercepted with subject matter that could become a problem. Furthermore, you have probably seen blue screens as well. Blue screens work exactly the same way as green screens, but primarily used for keying out night scenes, as using the vibrant and bright green screen causes lighting issues in darkly lit night scenes.

Have a look at the video below by YouTube channel, TheRichest, on special effects you can't unsee.

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