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The 1990s was a huge decade for the gaming industry with so many new products and exciting games bring launched, but one bad business deal was responsible for gaming as we know it today and that was when Sony wanted to go into partnership with Sega on a CD disk add on product for the outgoing Sega console but Sega pulled out of the deal last minute as they decided to rather sign with Philips.

This invested interest by Sony was not pushed aside and Sony decided to release their own console which would become the PlayStation 1 which instantly broke records and became the worlds most popular video game console of all time. This obviously didn't end here, SOny then Released the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000 and shortly thereafter a newcomer, Microsoft entered the videogame market with the Xbox.

After about a decade, the Xbox was pretty much on par with the Sony PlayStation and posed a serious threat to Sony's PlayStation. Since then, each company worked even harder to offer their fanbase even more features and amazing tech and this long-lived rivalry has been responsible for the consoles we know and love today.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: The Gamer on The History of The PlayStation vs Xbox Rivalry (Sony vs Microsoft Consoles)...

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