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Custom Macbook skins have blown up in popularity in recent years due to their customisable aspects, protection properties and aesthetics.

But as simple as it might seem to install one of these custom Macbook skins, it does require some preparation, time and patience.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to find a good quality Macbook skin brand. Do your research and ensure you read up on some customer reviews and experiences, then go ahead and let the fun begin by browsing around and choosing your perfect finish whether it be a change of colour, effect and or texture and place your order.

You are also going to want to decide whether you are going to make a purchase of an entire skin package that includes the back skin, front skin, keyboard cover, sides and the bottom skin, or if you only want the skin that covers the outer back where the Apple Logo is situated.

Once your skin arrives, you are going to want to clean your Macbook and ensure that it is 100% free of dust, fingerprints and any other dirt. THen you are good to start the installation process.

Ensure you peel the backing paper off that reveals the sticky side. Start with one edge and get your measurements as perfect as you can then slowly start sticking it down as you go. Once you have stuck your skin over the Apple logo and it fits over it perfectly, you are good to go and stick down the entire skin. If there are any alignment issues, you can gently peel back the skin and try to align it perfectly once more.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Trending Reviews on Turning My Macbook Pro Into A Silverblack Wood By Xtreme Skins (Tutorial)!...

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