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Here are some top tips on how to properly RGB your gaming PC.

Love it or hate it, RGB lighting for PC gaming is here to stay. But more lights doesn't necessarily mean better or more impressive. There are so many different factors that you have to take into consideration, from hardware to software, in order to get the best result possible and, on top of everything else, you even have to research a bit of art history and psychology on how the human brain finds mixtures of colours complementary and not conflicted.

We have all seen those gaming PC rigs with a ton of RGB lights which, quite frankly, look like a vomit of rainbows. As cool as you think you are, your rig looks like a complete mess!

First of all, you have to understand which colours work together and for that, we have to look at the colour wheel (See Below). If you take any colour of choice on the colour wheel, the colour on the opposing side usually works incredibly well together. For example, red and blue, and maybe green and magenta. Also, variations of similar colour values work well together as well, such as blue and purple.


Furthermore, you have a ton of different hardware choices too. Regardless of the make of hardware you opt for, you want to make sure that the LED lights are somewhat diffused. This will ensure a glow of light rather than a harsh beam of light, which will compliment your PC rigs structure. And with your hardware brand choice, make sure it comes with customizable software which will allow you to customise anything from the tone of colour, intensity of colour and even the breathing rate.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Hardware Canucks, on How To Properly RGB Your Gaming PC.

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