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Warning: Spoiler Alert!

The Matrix original trilogy was absolutely mindblowing, not only for its time but still remains an incredible story that never fails to grab attention and is filled with fables, symbolism and of course action!

Nearly two decades later, we have now been introduced to a fourth addition to the storyline and at first, you can't help but question wherein the story the fourth one fits in as at the end of the last movie (The Matrix Revolutions) the 2 main characters, Neo and Trinity die.

But at the beginning of the fourth movie, the Matrix Resurrections, you clearly see Neo as his original name Thomas Anderson clearly stuck in the Matrix with no idea what the Matrix is all about.

The storyline basically is about a new version of the Matrix where bots co-exist with agents and the machine world rebuilding the physical bodies of both Trinity and Neo, but for what reason? Their bond was (is) so strong that it would prove to be irrational to destroy them even though they pose a risk to the Matrix itself, but so much potential energy would be lost from the harvest fields that a stronger Matrix would be necessary to keep them deceived, but 60 years later, newcomers find Neo and free him and his new mission is to free Trinity from the Matrix but it proves to not be as easy as originally expected.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Warner Bros. Pictures on The Matrix Resurrections - Official Trailer 2

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