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Take a look at how the incredible Tottenham Stadium moves its 9000 tonne pitch.

Movable pitches are nothing new in terms of engineering, in fact, this technology has been around for several decades now. But what makes the Tottenham Stadium different is the fact that its 9000-tonne grass pitch has to manoeuvre around the entire south grandstand!

The reason for having so much engineering go into something as intricate as having a moveable pitch, as opposed to just repainting the lines on the grass, is for one purpose only; to save time on painting and maintaining the grass after each game, which happens really frequently.

Once the grass is stowed away underground, specially designed LED lights give the grass the ability to photosynthesize but not as much as in full sunlight as to prevent excessive growth. When the grass needs to be cut whilst in storage, robotic lawnmowers come out like a scene in a science fiction movie.

When a new game is ready to be played, the switch from a soccer match to an NFL league pitch takes place within a few hours by the push of a button!

Take a look at the incredible video below by YouTube channel, Discovery Australia, on How Tottenham Stadium Moves Its Massive 9000 Tonne Pitch - Richard Hammond's Big Ideas.

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