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Human's love convenience, so these ingenious design ideas for your home or small office might be perfect for you.

Considering how much time we spend working and running around doing other stuff, once you're home, it would be nice to not have to struggle too. It's all about convenience.

Fortunately, there's a lot of people who feel that way, and some of them are industrial designers who create marvellous multi-functional furniture. Not only does it look pretty, but it's functional too.

For people who live in small apartments, something like a dresser that turns into a dining table is a boon. Not only does it create more space when it's folded away, but it allows you to have dinner guests over that you may previously have not had the room for.

There's also a chair called the Studio Lorier. In its most upright position, it's perfect for using at a desk or dinner table. But with a pull of a handle, it reclines and lowers, allowing for a relaxing read. It comes with a footstool too that can be inverted and used as a side table.

Other items include the Origami RMD7, a shoe storage concertina that hangs off the back of a door, a bed with storage under the mattress, and an expanding table that goes from seating four to seating eight. There are bookshelf solutions, DIY outdoor furniture, hanging racks and expandable beds. There are electronic beds that would be perfect for someone recovering at home from an injury, and there's even a lift for a tiny house.

To find out more about these and other ingenious design ideas for your home or small apartment, then check out the video from YouTube channel, Great Idea, below.

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