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Check out these insane inventions that ended up killing their inventors.

Sometimes, in order to prove to the world that you have invented something new that could potentially revolutionise an entire industry – or even make peoples lives that much easier and more convenient – you, as the inventor, have to try it out on yourself first! But, sometimes it doesn't exactly go according to plan, and could even result in death!

Which is exactly what happened to these unlucky inventors who got themselves killed by their inventions. Here are a few:

In 1912, an inventor by the name of Franz Reichelt tried to prove to the world that his homemade winged suit would safely allow a user to glide from the top of a building safely to the ground, needless to say, he didn't pitch up at the press conference after jumping off the Eiffel Tower.

Thomas Midgley Jr. invented two of the world's most harmful chemicals, tetraethyl lead and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs). However, even after trying to prove that his chemicals were not harmful by inhaling excessive amounts of the stuff, it wouldn't be the cause of his death. Rather, he went on to invent a series of ropes and suspenders which would help disabled people get in and out of bed more easily, and while testing, he got himself entangled in them and suffocated.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, The Infographics Show, on Insane Inventions That Killed Their Inventors.

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