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Inside the US President's infamous Air Force One Boeing 747.

It goes without saying that the $3.2 Billion aircraft that flies the president of the United States is an impressive piece of tech and innovation. Not only does Air Force One house state of the art defensive equipment, but it is also quite literally a flying embassy and, with its blue and white livery, is one of the most recognisable aircraft in all aviation history.

Air Force One is one of the most protected aircrafts in the world. So much in fact, that it has a luggage cart and staircase exclusively for its use, to prevent any possible threats to the president.

Furthermore, Air Force One offers a slightly more luxurious menu. The aircraft houses two kitchens, each of which features a $12 million refrigerator, and is capable of producing gourmet standard meals. The kitchen staff stock up to 2,000 meals per flight in case of an emergency. Groceries are also picked at random stores across the country by staff members in disguise to prevent any possible poisoning to the crew.

And, if a crew member or the president falls ill, there is a full-time medical team on board with a facility to even perform operations.

And, as for communication, Air Force One features over 85 secure phone lines, high-speed internet access, two-way radios and even a fax machine!

Air Force One is based on a Boeing 747 200B and has been specially designed to withstand the forces of a nuclear attack whist in the air.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Vision, on Inside Air Force One.

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