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Here is the process they used for building a black hole in the feature film Interstellar.

Interstellar was a sci-fi feature film released in 2014, and was probably the most mind-boggling scientific sci-fi movie ever made and, with that, some of the most spectacular cinematography ever to be captured on film.

But the filmmakers ran into technical filming problems which were ultimately caused by their ambition. Interstellar director, Christopher Nolan, wanted to portray the scientific phenomenons, like wormholes and black holes, as accurately and close to reality as possible. The only problem is that no one at the time of making Interstellar had ever observed a black hole, so they didn't know how they looked like. Or did they? Scientist Kip Stephen Thorne worked closely with the film crew and, together, they both created the most accurate visual representation of a black hole ever, with the use of mathematics and the latest in cinematographic imagery technology.

Be sure to check out the incredible video of how Scientist Kip Stephen Thorne, film director Christopher Nolan, and the rest of the brilliant film crew of the 2014 sci-fi movie Interstellar got the most accurate visual representation of a black hole ever recorded, even before scientists even saw one.

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