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The Martin Jetpack is a single-person aircraft which has been under development and, after 30 years of work, it's a game changer for aviation.

It has been designed to be the world's most practical and safest OPHAV: Optionally Piloted Hovering Air Vehicle, and it can be flown manned, unmanned or as a mule.

The jetpack uses a gasoline engine with two ducted fans to provide lift. It is specified to have a maximum speed of 40km/h, a flight ceiling of 2,500 ft, a range of 15-20 km and endurance of about 28 minutes flight. Empty weight is 200kg. The first customers are said to be first responders.

The jetpack uses Vertical Take-off and Landing (VTOL) and can land on rooftops covered with aerials and wires, and fly into tightly confined areas, making it a practical alternative to traditional helicopters.

The jetpack has a composite structure pilot module that protects the pilot in the event of an accident and a ballistic parachute system that can deploy and safely recover the aircraft from only a few meters above the ground.

The Martin jetpack can carry 120 kilograms and the pilot can navigate via two joysticks positioned next to each hand.

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