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Date: 2018-06-07

Introducing The Plantbox, Created By Samsung 2

Introducing The Plantbox, Created By Samsung 3

Samsung Electronics announced that it will support three more projects to be spun off from C-Lab (Creative Lab), an in-house start-up incubation program.

Agwart, which is part of the team, has created a 'Plantbox', which is a smart gardening tool for home. The small greenhouse is controlled by a smartphone application and does all the hard work for you, all the user needs to do is simply plant the seed in a capsule and insert it.

The plantbox set consists of a smart refrigerator-like greenhouse, seed capsules, and an app. Once the user has planted the seeds, the box then automatically detects the species and optimises its internal conditions to be the best fit for the plant. If you have some specific requirements, the app does allow you to control and monitor the environment.

Samsung Electronics has launched 34 start-ups within the C-lab (Creative lab) incubation program since 2015.

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