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Overclocking your CPU is a widely debated topic, and is hugely popular amongst the gaming community. Overclocking your CPU will ultimately squeeze every last possible MHz out of your CPU, giving you a slight boost in your PC's performance.

However, what a lot of people don't realise is that overclocking, regardless of how stable your system is when doing it, results are hardly noticeable.

Overclocking, when used correctly, is intended for short bursts of use for example when gaming competitively at a tournament, and most definitely not for everyday use.

Furthermore, just because your overclocked CPU might be pushing out, let's say, 2.9GHz for example, doesn't necessarily mean it is performing better than a 2.3GHz which is not overclocked, just because the number is higher. The reason for this is because CPU's are made differently to work optimally due to the number of cores used, as well as the architecture of the unit as well.

However, if you compare the same CPU in two systems and one is overclocked, the one working even harder will perform slightly better. In order to prevent damage to your CPU, a serious cooling system is required, and the cost of these systems is outrageous!

So is overclocking worth it? Well, no. But if you're really going to take advantage of the few extra MHz of processing power, then do it correctly by limiting the time the CPU is overclocked for, and ensure sufficient cooling for your system.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on Is Overclocking Worth It?

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