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Are you a fan of Science Fiction novels, games and movies? Well then, at some point, you've probably fantasised over the idea of having the ability to instantly teleport wherever you please. But, with that said, is teleportation actually possible according to science?

Although teleporting matter, such as a human, is the ultimate goal around this subject, it proves to be seriously difficult to pull off, even in theoretical practices. However, if you delve inside the world of quantum physics, teleportation is a lot more common and reachable than you might think.

Scientists have already conducted experiments in laboratory settings, time and time again, on how they are able to spawn a photon from one entangled particle to another – and the distance between them has no effect whatsoever.

But teleporting packets of light energy is one thing, what about other particles? Scientists are currently conducting experiments around performing a similar experiment but using electrons instead.

Where this technology will make a huge difference in the near future is with a new quantum internet and quantum computing.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Science Time on Brian Greene, called Is Teleportation Possible?

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