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Everyone has heard the legends of the Bermuda Triangle, but is it really the most mysterious place on Earth? Let's find out...

When someone mentions the Bermuda Triangle, inevitably those within earshot think of planes and boats disappearing into thin air. So, how true are the legends? You might be surprised by the answer.

We join YouTuber, Joe Scott, as he dives into the history of one of his childhood's favourite places on Earth. Not that he's ever been there, mind, but purely because of how the stories surrounding this area of the Atlantic Ocean tickled the imagination.

The name comes from joining the three cities of Miami in Florida, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and the island of Bermuda, that gives us a triangle. It is said that within this area, many unbelievable and unexplainable things have happened.

From disappearing ships and aeroplanes to some people reporting strange lights in the distance, freaky things have happened over the ocean. Some people have reported seeing weird fireballs falling from the sky while others are convinced its UFOs. One left-field conspiracy even suggests a vortex to another world!

But, what could be the cause of instruments, like a compass, to go haywire? And for professional and experienced pilots to get lost, ultimately disappearing forever without anyone finding out why?

Lastly, is the Bermuda Triangle really the most mysterious and dangerous place on Earth? All these questions and more are revealed in the video below. So get out your popcorn and get ready to learn some facts that could have you winning at the next pub quiz.

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