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A year has passed since the release of the first edition of Master & Dynamic and Leica's collaboration. Now it is time for a second edition, but they are creating the Leica 0.95: The Silver Edition.
The signature collection continues that partnership's plan of bringing perfect sound to photo-enthusiasts by including the headphones; MW60s' and MH40s as well as the ME05s earphones.

Much like the first edition, the second collection is once again inspired by the German-based camera company, Noctilus-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH, which is known for featuring the world's fastest aperture aspherical lens, but alternatively, it features a sleek silver shade instead of the original black blush.

"When I founded Master & Dynamic, it was in great part inspired by the companies and products I used and had long admired. Leica was one of the first companies that we partnered with. I was thrilled and honoured that they saw the connection to their own attention to materials, craftsmanship, details and of course technology. The patina that develops over time with well-used Leica cameras, something the owners show with pride, is something our early fans and users are cherishing about their Master & Dynamic headphones", explains Jonathan Levine, founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic. "The silver edition was something we always knew we would get to. While both collections are beautiful, I believe the new silver edition has a deeper connection to the iconic Leica Colorways. Now the question becomes which ‘Master & Dynamic for 0.95’ signature collection colour suits you best!"

It is a collaboration that merges the very best technology in photography and audio, the Master & Dynamic products had met very high expectations. The over-the-ear devices, detailed in a compelling combination of silver metal and black leather, delivers crisp and excelling sound quality from its cups. The silver-coloured, but brass, earphones offer superior acoustic qualities, but vitally, its changeable silicone tips are also designed to fit perfectly for listening on the go.

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