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TVs are amongst the most commonly bought items for any household and for good reason, but usually, a regular 1080p flatscreen TV is perfect for just about anyone. But as technology goes, people normally opt for the best they can possibly afford.

But for the select few that regard money as no problem, what is on the cards for them as far as TVs are concerned? Well, LG has just announced a brand new TV that will set you back a crazy $1.7 Million to own!

The new LG DVLED home cinema TV range features a few huge screen sizes that range from 108 inch right up to a mammoth 325 inch that weighs a colossal 2,000 pounds! Viewers can enjoy these lovely displays at a standard 8K resolution across the board.

These TVs are so large that you might want to first measure up the largest wall in your home before actually investing in one, not to mention the viewing distances as well!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on The $1.7 Million TV...

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