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This is the very best when it comes to TV technology currently, the LG Signature 88-inch OLED 8K TV.

A lot of people wonder why TV manufacturers actually develop these insanely high-spec TV's that are so expensive, the majority of consumers will never be able to afford one, regardless of how impressive they are. But the reality is that it works similar to something like an F1 car. It costs mega cash to research and develop, but that technology and development process unveils priceless data to the industry and manufacturer. Thereafter, the technology discovered by the development of this category of TV will eventually trickle down over time to the standard consumer TV's.

LG has unveiled their brand new Signature TV which supports full 4320p 8K resolution through its stunning 88-inch OLED display at 60 FPS. What's more, this LG TV doesn't support backlit pixels, but rather self-lit pixels which result in a drastic improvement to contrast and overall better HDR interpretation. All these features come together to make this LG TV the best 8K resolution TV currently available. 

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, on Unboxing The LG Signature 88-Inch OLED 8K TV.

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