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The successor to the Loupedeck+, the Loupdeck CT, takes Photoshop editing to a whole other level. Its more square and compact design and scrollable touchscreen makes this custom editing console the perfect add-on tool for your editing and creativity.

Do you really need a Loupedeck CT? Well, no, you don't. You will not unlock secret additional features in Photoshop or anything like that, rather, you'd be making your workflow and editing practices that much more time-efficient and convenient.

It might take some getting used to at first because you're so used to using your regular keyboard for the hundreds of Photoshop keyboard controls and shortcuts. However, imagine the time you'd save if each tool in Photoshop was at your disposal by means of a button, rather than having to take your mouse and click on the tools the traditional way. Furthermore, all your tool settings, like feathering and brush sizes, all have their own jog wheel on the Loupedeck CT.

Not to mention, each and every button can be custom assigned to whatever you want within the Photoshop environment. 

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Pix Imperfect, on Edit In Photoshop Faster – Is The Loupedeck CT Any Good?...

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