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Check out this custom made mask gun which will shoot a mask onto anyone not wearing a face mask.

During these strange times we're living in, there are global restrictions in place and, on top of that, it is common courtesy to wear a face mask in public. But there are always going to be that handful of Covid-19 deniers claiming that forcing them to wear a mask is a conflict of their human rights, but we all know they are nothing more than attention seekers!

So how do we solve this problem? There have been hundreds, if not, thousands of educational videos and blogs created and shared online to help inform the public of the necessity of wearing a facemask in public, to protect both you and for the safety of others. However, they still get ignored!

Innovative YouTuber by the channel name, Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced, created a rather humourous solution by designing a face mask gun! The gun has a laser pointer that you aim at the culprit's throat, once on target, you squeeze the trigger and out pops a facemask that perfectly wraps around the nose and mouth!

Take a look at the video below by on the Face Mask Gun – Shooting Face Masks Onto People's Faces.

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