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Here, we breakdown the exceptionally well-written movie sci-fi trilogy of The Matrix, from Easter eggs and story analysis to an overall deeper understanding of the story concept.

The Matrix storyline was written and created by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, previously known as the Wachowski Brothers. The Matrix would become the second movie they directed together, and the attention to detail was award-winning.

In short, The Matrix is about a cyber underground war in the far future between humans and machines. The machine world relies on human beings as their main energy source, they literally harvest people, with their minds plugged into an artificial reality called The Matrix. The last human city left on Earth, named after the biblical city Zion, try everything in their power to find "the one" who can defeat the machine enemy and free the souls still plugged into the Matrix system.

You have probably seen the movies time and time again, but you'll be surprised at how many symbolic references are used in the story and films. Greek mythology, Christianity and historical events are referenced in the trilogy, they even go so far as to acknowledge the transgender community, Sleeping Beauty and George Orwell within this iconic Sci-Fi trilogy.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, New Rockstars, as they comb through just how much attention to detail was used in The Matrix trilogy.

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