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Even though Moto Mods have not proved as popular as many hoped, the technology does have some handy uses.
Motorola recently released a new Moto Mod stereo speaker, which is the cheapest speaker mod yet, going for $59.99. It features most of the characteristics that the more expensive Moto Mod speaker has, with a built-in kickstand and dual 28mm stereo speakers inside the mod.

The Moto Mod connects to the Moto Z phones, which means it relies on the phone as a source of power and does not have a separate charging method. It is not the first speaker designed for the Moto Z, but it is most definitely the only one you will want to buy.

The new Moto Mod speaker marks Motorola's increasing focus on mass market mods that will be popular among many, instead of more niche mods it's worked on before. The Mod deliver punchy stereo sound through a pair of 28mm speakers that can hit a volume of up to 80dB, which can be ideal for Skype calls or even transforming your Moto Z into a tiny TV.

The Moto Mod comes in black, red and blue and is available for purchase from Motorola's website.

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