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Visual effects studio, Industrial Light and Magic, have developed a whole new way of digitally compositing scenes. They have completely revolutionised the entire movie industry by eliminating the need for a green screen.

Green screens have been around for much longer than people think, and are by no means a modern form of special effects and digital compositing. In basic terms, if you want to superimpose a subject onto a different background or scene, you would traditionally make use of a green screen behind your subject. Then, hope and pray that your green screen was evenly lit and that post-production would mask it out well, otherwise you would have to spend countless hours doing it manually.

So, the traditional production timeline would be Filming > Edit > VFX.

However, a studio house by the name of Industrial Light and Magic has developed a whole new VFX game-changer which they designed for the popular TV series The Mandalorian. What they created was essentially a 360 degree LED environment that would project ultra high definition backgrounds onto the subjects that are being shot. Therefore, the superimposed backgrounds would be projected at the time of filming, rather than doing it in post-production.

This drastically aided in the movie cast having a far better understanding of their character's environment. It also helped with better colour grading and accuracy, as well as representing real-time background-to-subject reflections, therefore eliminating excessive post-production time whilst still maintaining an outstanding level of realism and definition.

So, with this new filming method, the production flow timeline has changed to VFX > Filming > Editing, which is something that has never been done in movie history.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Vox, on the Technology That Is Replacing The Need For A Green Screen in movies.

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