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NASA wants to send probes to Venus yet again after 30 years but why could this possibly be with such a hostile planet?

Venus has a reputation of not being too hospitable to that of anything we have ever sent there. There have been numerous attempts at sending probes to enter Venus' atmosphere and landing on its hell-like surface, however, the most successful mission had its probe completely incinerated within less than 2 hours after touchdown which allowed data to be transmitted back to earth to allow scientists to better understand the environment of Venus.

In the latest scientific news, NASA wants to send two probes again to Venus before this decade is over with the intention of broadening our understanding of Venus' plate tectonics which, in return, could help us understand the natural phenomena that climate changes impact may have on volcanic activity back on earth.

NASA has been granted government funding to produce 2 probes, Davinci+ and Veritas which are currently being developed for the new Venus space missions.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Seeker on Why NASA Wants To Head Back To Venus After 30 Years...

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