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When Netflix came on the market way back in 1999, it completely changed the way people consume content. By the mid to late 2010s, it was one of the biggest TV content providers and has proven to the world that cable TV is slowly going to become a thing of the past and on top of that, people saved a tremendous amount of money opting for on-demand streaming content as opposed to more traditional cable TV methods.

However, Netflix has just announced a price hike for their subscription-based offerings which has a lot of people rather stressed out about the whole situation, but in reality, the price hike is in all retrospect, not that high, however, if this hike trend continues it may become less affordable for many people.

The Standard Netflix plan will rise from $14 to $15.50 per month, the 4K plan will rise from $18 to $20 per month and the HD plan from $9 to $10 per month.

These price hikes are for the United States, and Canada is expected to have a price increase as well.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on the Netflix Price Hike Is Here...

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